It Begins...

Launching Rocky Mountain Motos is a long-time dream for me. As I meander around the globe on my classic Africa Twin, or on a rental motorbike of some sort, I can’t help but think how cool it would be for my friends to see what I’m seeing at the moment. I’m usually alone on my adventures, so its something that occupies my time quite a bit :) Back home in Montana, I have a group of friends that I ride with… trails on my KLR650 & the high speed work on my Ducati Hypermotard 1100. I’ve kicked around the idea of starting a rental company, but aside from a moment 10 years or so ago, I never really gave it serious thought.

That is, until I laid eyes on a Royal Enfield Himalayan a few months ago. Instantly, I was smitten by what the Himalayan represents: capable, simple, no-frills, economical slow-speed exploration. Perfect for Nepal… and the Rocky Mountains. I’ve rented Kawasaki Ninja 250R race-prepped machines to racers in the Western USA back in 2008-2010 (I had a fleet of them operating under the name, so I am familiar with most aspects of renting motorcycles. So, this was a fairly simple decision, and I decided to jump in head first.

I’ll be breaking in the first batch of 6 Himalayans in mid-April, if the weather in Red Lodge cooperates. This first summer, I’ll operate the biz out of my home on 3 acres just outside of Red Lodge. If I can show some success, I’d like to talk my wife into letting me expand next year onto a large chunk of land and a pole barn/garage/man cave operation, along with another 6 or so Himalayans. I know some renters will be traveling from far away and wouldn’t mind throwing down a tent on the first night. I’d like to provide that space so we can all talk about their upcoming adventure.

I’ve lived in Montana at least part time since 1970. Back then, the state had nearly a million people occupying its vast lands. A few years ago, Montana finally surpassed 1 million in population. Not much has changed during the past 50 years. Its still a wild, rugged land with few people, and has been that way since well, forever. Each year, I grow to love my little corner of Montana more and more. It truly is a magical place.

I hope you’ll come and explore and learn Montana’s secrets. Bring a few friends. I promise your life will never be the same.

Safe riding,

-Richard Barnett

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