refer a friend (or 2 or 5)

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Here’s The Skinny

OK, Big Enchilada, are you getting a group together to ride our Himalayans Out West?

For a limited time only, we’re placing a huge bounty on you if you bring a few friends out to Red Lodge to rent our bikes.

Its pretty simple: Each time one of your friends Reserves a bike on our site, they’ll enter “Referred by”: and your name in the Comments section of the checkout.

You win big!!!

  • Refer 1 friend and you’ll score a 10% discount off your rental

  • Refer 2 friends and you’ll score a 20% discount

  • 3 friends = 30%

  • 4 friends = 40%

  • 5 friends = 50% Wow Holy Cow!

The fine print: Good for discount of up to 5 days on your rental. subject to removal once the motos have limited availability. That’s it!